Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's Love got to do with anything?

Personally, I feel that Love is the greatest power in all the world. 'Love thy enemy' is so true, for the entire reason we are here on earth is to love and to be loved. Mother Teresa didn't judge others, she only showed love. She did not look down upon others because of the money they had, the clothes they wore or their social status. She was not prejudice of others or think herself above others, she is a perfect example of what I believe Jesus was trying to teach us. That although we are all different in our own way, does not mean that we are any less deserving of love in any way, shape or form. To fully benefit yourself and others in the world, one cannot pick and choose who is worthy or deserving of their love. Jesus did not say I'll love you because you're an angel and not you because you're human, He loves everyone unconditionally.

I believe that one cannot be picky or choosy with their love, loving some and not others. Now I'm not saying that we should be completely trusting with everyone, obviously we have to be careful with how close we get to someone but that does not mean that we shouldn't love everyone. I've found that the best thing to do is to choose to love everyone, pray for everyone and shine light on them. Thomas Wilhite said it perfectly when he said 'if you wish ill on another you are issuing the order for destruction upon yourself.' In other words, if you send out hate or wish bad things on anyone, that's exactly what you get in return. Anytime I find myself angry with someone or not liking them for being mean or hurtful, I immediately stop myself and ask for forgiveness and choose to love them, regardless of how they feel about me. For it is not up to me to judge or hate others for their actions, my job here on earth is to be the best example of love so that others will learn from my example. Like Rasnu said, 'Lead by Example'. Therefore, one must strive to be the best person they can be, forgive others and love everyone. When others judge or say hurtful things, even if it's about the Devil himself, I say to them 'be careful what you say, for it is not up to you to judge.' My best friend has been an amazing example of the epitome of love, forgiving others, showing kindness and love to all, and gently trying to help them see the error of their ways. She takes the time to ask them questions and hope they see the answers for themselves. Sometimes when others can't see the writing on the blog, I tell her she needs to be more bold and tell them how it is! :) That too is love, loving someone enough to point out the error of their ways. :D

I've found that it's easier to love than to hate. People have said it many times that I go through life with rose colored glasses because I see the best in everyone and when someone is hateful or mean, I think they must have had someone do some pretty bad things to them to cause them to be that way and then I pray for them. The ones that hurt me, I pray for them even harder so that the consequences they face hopefully won't be as painful as the ten-fold karma &/or judgment that will someday come their way. If someone hurts me, I know that in some way I must have helped them, for someday they will understand the pain they have caused and learn to feel remorse which in turn will help them love others more and hurt less. The only way to heal is to love.

Deep down, we are all loving but because of society, people hurting us as children (and as adults) in addition to the fallen ones corrupting others and causing pain we have put up walls to keep people at a distance, so that they can't get close enough to hurt us. I've found that although some people do hurt us, if we take a chance and show them love, we may be helping them by shining light on their hearts and reminding them how great love can be. Love is the greatest gift of all that we can give anyone. It can turn the toughest of men to the sweetest, most caring. Love can move mountains...

I apologize for rambling on, however love is my favorite subject, for I love everyone and everything that God created. The good, the bad and the ugly. In essence, I pray that everyone will someday open their hearts and let love in and share it with everyone. :)
I believe love is the question and the answer...

Love is the key to healing our world and bringing world peace. :D

Love & Light,

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