Sunday, March 9, 2014

Healing with the power of our minds - How to :)

When I first heard of healing with the powers of our minds I was completely ready to accept the information as my dad's life was on the line. He was in the hospital "on his death bed" and it was my holistic chiropractor who told me to hold my hand over the area his liver was in and imagine it being healed! That was my first attempt and although I wasn't sure if it was the milk thistle or my trying to heal him with my mind that helped or a combination of the two, I didn't care! All that mattered to me was that he was healing.
Some people may not be ready to believe or accept that it's possible to heal with the power of our minds and that's ok. If you don't believe then it may not work for you or those you wish you could heal. For those who are ready to believe, this one's for you! I'm a firm believer that in order for something to work for you, one must believe that it can or that it does work for that matter.
There are a few ways that I heal and all of them work for me. The first is EFT tapping; I thought this was awesome when I first heard of it because there are so many testimonies online of people being healed of major things. You can either do it yourself or have someone else do it for you. I'll paste a few videos below. EFT tapping can be used for all sorts of things so I recommend you explore a little on youtube for the specific ailment or solution you're looking for. Some people use it to reprogram their limiting beliefs, help them to manifest, open their 3rd eye chakra, as well as healing... which is awesome if you ask me!
The next is my personal favorite and it seems to be one of the fastest methods I've learned, healing with your chakras. Let's say your throat hurts, focus on the color of your throat chakra (blue like the sky) and picture it being bright blue, large and covering the entire area all the way through your throat / neck / mouth area (from front to back and side to side.) As though the light is shining entirely through you in all areas. If you have cramps, stomach pains, etc. in the lower pelvis area or even as low as your feet picture the red chakra being bright red; for the abdomen I use the orange chakra and if I'm not sure which of the two it truly is I'll focus on both, one after the next. Another thing I do while I'm focusing on my chakra's is telling them to "heal" I usually keep it simple "thank you for healing my stomach" or what have you.

The awesome thing about our chakra's is that they can help us in many areas of our lives from our mental and physical wellbeing to manifesting and creating our desires in the physical realm. In cases such as the back of the head hurting or if I'm not sure which color to use, I go to my favorite healing color which is green.
Green is an all around heal it all color. Green is the color for healing, it represents the Earth and Archangel Raphael who is the patron for healing uses green to heal. Let's say for instance your loved one is in another state with some ailment such as diabetes or cancer. I focus on them, what their entire body looks like as if I'm standing in front of them and see their entire body. I then picture them being inside of a green bubble and that light shines through their entire body, healing them. I focus on the love I have for them and the desire for them to be in perfect divine health. I say something like "thank you green light for healing such and such person" whatever their name is. If their ailment is something major I tell them to do the same, picture healing green light all around them and through them and to thank the Universe, God or whoever it is they believe in for helping them heal "Thank you God for healing me" and to believe that they are healed. Because most of us are humans and our manifestations aren't always instant, one may need to continue focusing on green / healing several times throughout the day to help ensure that the healing continues until their ailment is completely gone. If they believe in healing with our minds and they're there with you, you can also place your hand over the area that needs healing and picture that green healing light is coming from your hand and healing that person... picture them being perfectly healed and healthy to help the desired intention manifest.
Another thing that works for me is to always believe that I am in perfect divine health and that my body heals itself. By doing so we are programming our body to continually heal and release any dis-ease. It's the same as manifesting, whatever we believe is ours we will manifest; if you believe you are sick you will be; if you believe you are in perfect divine health, you will be. There are other preventative measures one can take as well, such as releasing stress, negativity, forgiving yourself and others because these are all toxic to our bodies and when we hold onto such things they manifest in other forms of dis-ease. I am a strong believer that when we send out negativity to another person we are inviting bad things into our lives and it usually results in some of the things mentioned above. Send out loving, healing thoughts and that's what you'll create in your own life. Remember the song Michael Jackson sang "Man in the Mirror" it's very similar to that... focus and heal the negative thoughts and actions in your mind and you will in turn help others as well. In my blog about the Earth I mention meditating while walking and releasing stress, anxiety and so on back into the Earth for transmutation... release it and let it go. I may rant in my blogs sometimes about wrong-doings and things that upset me, but once I've written about them I let them go and will usually go back later and archive the blog so that I'm not sending negativity into the world. I work through some of my "stuff" through writing, maybe for you it's singing, crying, or yelling. Whatever your method, as long as you are not hurting anyone and you are releasing it, do so and let it go; leave the past in the past.
Another thing I recommend for healing properly is to talk to your body and ask it what does it need? Many times our bodies will let us know by various signs that it needs something, if you pay attention to the subtle (or obvious) changes in your body your instincts will usually let you know what it's lacking. Sometimes it's as simple as more water, less soda, a good long nap, a massage or what not. Meditating and asking your body "what do you need to help you heal or function properly?" and then listening for the answer or the first thing that pops into your head, are sure signs of what it's asking for. If you don't meditate, try looking in the mirror and asking yourself "what do you want?" relax and don't force it; and again the first thing that pops in your head is usually right. Sometimes our bodies and our spirits are very unhappy with where we work too, or a relationship that we're in, so don't be surprised if something like that pops into your mind! If it's money, then ask yourself how you can get more and what you can do to make yourself happy. Maybe your current job isn't paying you enough to get caught up on bills, the stress may be showing on you and you may become ill; maybe a second temporary job to help get you through the tough times is all you need! Just make sure you get plenty of rest and nutrition otherwise you can create a whole other slew of problems! Or maybe simply cutting back on a few things for a little while will help ease the stress and create a more positive balance on your account. You know you better than anyone and know what you need most in your life for a happy, harmonized body, mind and soul. If not, ask and find out! :)
If you have any questions about healing or this post please don't hesitate to ask, I'm here to help where I can! If you would like me to shine light on you, I'll be more than happy to do that too! Remember to release the ailment though and own your perfect divine health! "Thank you Universe for keeping my body in perfect divine health" or "thank you God for granting me perfect divine health."
Love & Light,
Shelle (EFT tapping points)