Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Did Curiosity really Kill the Cat?

I've heard it said that being curious can help one become wiser, smarter - even though the lesson may be tough or the road hard to handle. I've personally allowed myself to go down some dark, dangerous roads in life knowing full well I was taking a big risk; with my eyes wide open I ventured forward throwing caution to the wind and trusting I'd find my way back out of the rabbit hole... what I didn't know was that finding the opening, the light at the end of tunnel would be so hard sometimes! From dating dangerous men who nearly killed me, sacrificing far too much; some of the tunnels to the other side can be far, nearly out of sight...
So when considering which curiosity to explore, remember curiosity could make the cat wiser, but not if you're dead! Choose wisely because the cat only gets 9 lives but one never knows when curiosity will kill ya!
Love & Light,
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