Tuesday, April 3, 2012

About Addictions, are they all bad?

Some addictions can be good, others can hurt people and those we love.
I feel that the good addictions can be ones like eating healthy, praying, loving everyone (in a spiritual sense) and things like reading and learning...
Bad addictions are any addictions that you can't stop or have no control over, like playing video games so much that you can't stop or doing drugs, drinking or abusing others.
Being addicted to drugs can change the course of ones life so much that they never fulfill their mission on earth in this lifetime or forget who they are all together.
I've seen some really great people get so lost in drugs that they never amount to anything except being a drug addict.

Personally I feel that anything we believe is possible, if you have the desire to do so. Some people are so addicted to sex that they cheat on their partners and use their addiction as an excuse, to that I say BS! You are only as addicted as you choose to be! We have the power to create within our lives anything we want, if we so choose. If you have a problem, the first step is admitting it, next, change it!!!! Choose to be the you that you always dreamed of and take one step at a time... you can do it!!!
Love & Light,
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