Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yoga, is it just for the Pro's?

Sharing another blog I posted to my friends' site, written by me! :) Hope you enjoy it!

Anyone can do Yoga :) As long as you go gently and without strain, you can do Yoga. The classical Yoga system (Yoga Sutras) dates back to about 200 BC. Traces of Yoga postures have been found in ruins dating back to 5000 BC and was first mentioned in the Vedas 3000-12000 BC and the Upanishads were about 800 BC; the Bhagavad Gita was written about 500 BC.

The word Yoga means the union of the body, mind and spirit. The Yogi’s of ancient India had a tremendous understanding of how the body, mind and spirit are interconnected and for total health need to work together harmoniously. Yoga can be done anytime, day or night in the comforts of your own home, no money need be spent on classes unless you so choose.

Personally, I’ve found myself doing Yoga poses anytime I feel the need to stretch and feel that areas of my body are in need of oxygen. (When you stretch or do Yoga you are releasing tension from your muscles, bones and joints and oxygen is immediately sent to throughout areas of your body.) While on the set filming a movie, commercial or tv show, I’ve found that the extended hours on my feet (usually wearing high heels!) causes strain on my body and taking a few minutes to do a few simple poses helps me to rejuvenate my body and the oxygen and deep breathing seem to help me re-energize, allowing me to work long past the usual 10-14 hour days that being an actor require. Others on the set notice the difference too and will often join in and learn a thing or two, trying Yoga for the first time and experiencing immediate results. When my twin neices were in preschool they had a teacher that taught them Yoga and it seemed to help them relax and not be so hyperactive. They too seemed more centered and at peace.

When first starting out with Yoga it is best not to expect too much from your body. If you don’t exercise or stretch on a normal basis you may find that your body is rather stiff, but if you spend about 10-15 minutes in the morning and again in the evening before bed (can be done every day or a few days a week) you will find your flexibility increase and the quality of sleep you experience is enhanced as well. I personally learned Yoga from a book I purchased over 15 years ago! I worked out on a normal basis so it was easy to integrate Yoga at the beginning and end of my workout, helping to ensure maximum benefits from my workout as oxygenating my muscles allow me to reach full potential. I’ve also incorporated some of the Yoga poses that are on cable TV, recording them for use at my leisure.

I highly recommend Yoga to anyone and everyone, unless you have health problems, have had an accident or injury or are pregnant, just had a baby or any illness or major health concerns. I suggest speaking with your doctor to make sure you obtain his approval. Otherwise, I have found that Yoga helps in many areas of optimal health. Yoga helps straighten your spine and put your bones where they belong! I used to go to a Chiropractor because of a back / neck injury from a car accident and since I began practicing Yoga I’ve found that I no longer need to see him quite as often. I used to go on a monthly basis and now I only go to the Chiropractor once or twice every few years, for maintenance.

Yoga has also been documented to help those with Arthritis, Rehumatism, Asthma and breathing difficulties, Tension, Stress and Headaches. Personally, I like to use my time doing Yoga to meditate as well. With the deep breathing you are more relaxed and able to still your mind easier and talk to God or whomever you worship, if any. It’s also a great time to ask questions of yourself; when you are breathing deeply and more relaxed your mind responds quickly to your questions and answers to problems seem to come effortlessly (another benefit of the meditative state of mind.)

Yoga is absolutely amazing and again, I highly recommend it to everyone.


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