Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is Meditation Beneficial?

OMGosh! Meditation can do a many wonderous things!

It can get us in touch with our Angels,
Our True Spirit and other Marvelous beings!
We can travel through time,
See our past lives and roles we played,
Travel to the Future and uncover the results of the choices we’ve made
We can travel in the present time
and see others in other continents, spanning all times!
True love that once was forgotten,
Can be visited too, in China, the Himilayas or even Hawaii too!
Anything you can imagine can be made seen to you
for with meditation
the Worlds are opened for you!
Love & Light,

In my many years of meditating and helping others learn to meditate, I have found that most people are nervous and “don’t know how” to meditate. Many times I have worked with others and although it’s easy to tell someone to sit in a comfortable position, still their minds and take deep breaths, as the movie ‘Eat, Love, Pray’ will show, many people struggle with the idea of ‘how’ to meditate. Therefore with that in mind, what I always recommend when starting out, depending upon your Spiritual Belief, if any, is to either buy a book about meditation, check a few out at the library or go online and check out the many videos that are offered free.
Guided meditations are simpler for beginners and when seeking a specific result are very helpful. If you are seeking englightenment, check out The New Meditation Handbook by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, previously mentioned in my past post about Fallen Angels. Kelsang Gyatso breaks down meditation and leads one to understand the significance we each play in the world today and how loving and cherishing all of God’s creations is the True Path to enlightenment. There is no room in Heaven for Haters of any form.
One thing to keep in mind when meditating is that once you are able to clear your mind and truly open yourself up to receiving information from a Higher Power such as God, your Angels, or even your deep subconscious (which is connected to the All Knowing source of information that is available to us all) when you ask a question, you are able to receive the answers loud and clear. At first, you may fall asleep during meditation, as it is such a relaxed state, however don’t feel bad about that! Just know that everytime you meditate you are unlocking more of yourself to discover and behold, you are an amazing spirit and once you begin to meditate you will learn to discover that life is not about having riches, buying expensive things (or trying to bribe others with wealth) life is a gift for you to learn to love yourself and all others within it.
Another great book, one that can assist you in healing yourself whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually, if you feel you may be haunted by a past life or have difficulties caused from your past in this life, is ‘Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval’ by Alberto Villoldo, PH.D.
Yet another great way to have guided meditations is to Pray! Pray to God, Buddha, Mother God, your Angels or whomever you worship. Take a few deep breaths and ask a simple question, clear your mind and wait patiently for the answer.
No matter how you start out, the point is that you start and make it a daily habit, one that you will be glad you did! If you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to leave a message and I will check back often to assist. :)

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