Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Things I ponder... our world and what's become acceptable

I'm pretty disheartened as I sit here reviewing some of the articles, conversations and events that I've seen unfold onto my facebook page recently. You see I post things such as music, uplifting quotes, and links to things I find online that doesn't always make it to the general public because of the media or lack thereof at times. What happened recently was just the final straw on top of the camel's proverbial back.

If you're friends with me on facebook then you know I also share videos and articles about political things that I just feel needs to be shared. I share things that pictate what's really happening as far as politicians and how they go back on their words, completely rob of us of our rights and worse...

What I realized tonight as I reviewed my previous posts, is that there are just far too many obscure and down right awful things that we've somehow come to accept as 'normal'... is it just that things have gotten so increasingly worse over time that we've been dummed down to not think it's ok when some villages that are minding their own business suddenly get bombed during a time of peace? Or what's worse is that during those 'missions' innocent women and children are the main victims and we don't seem to know or care about it, let alone bat an eye at times when it's brought to our attention.

What I also saw was that 6 year olds in kindergarten are being arrested for throwing a major temper tantrum and children are getting threatened by their teachers to make sure their parents vote for Obama... or they may fail their class and be held back. A teen age boy getting shot when visiting his step-mom, and people claiming they're Christian while they cuss you out and damn one to hell for NOT supporting Obama... who does that? I met someone who did...

When did it become acceptable for us to not get upset over these things? Why on earth anyone would want someone in the White House who is taking our Constitutional Rights away faster than we can keep up is beyond me. And let's not forget about how the true stats of Ron Paul are being falsified on national television? Why would they do this you ask? Because they can... the news stations are primarily owned by the Obama and Romney's supporters (which by the way the same companies are supporting both candidates) and they don't want Ron Paul to win because he'll interfere with this giant conspiracy to turn our great country into what's quickly becoming a place we are no longer safe from our own government.

When did it become ok for Obama (or any President for that matter) to side-step Congress and decide that he's able to arrest us with no jury, trial, or attorney? Do not pass go, give up all your property and become a slave? There are some that argue that past President's have enacted an Executive Order, but where does that say we should be accepting of this? Now obviously I'm not saying 'we the people' should be doing anything crazy, I'm just saying when did all of this become ok and something that's become normal to us? As in the book I spoke of before 'How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved' in my past post about Abuse; when did we 'normalize' this kind of control and abuse of our lives and individual rights? If you ask me, I think 'we the people' need to become more involved with our world around us and it not only starts at home but it starts with research, keeping ourselves informed using all means of information such as the news papers, news sites that report the truth, youtube and online at the individual candidates sites. We need to get the information to make educated decisions and stop being bullied around! Vote, but not just vote because the digital pole machines have been proven to be easily tampered with so we need to go back to paper ballots! There's a petition online that one can sign to push for paper (again) at the poles.

We need to realize that our lives are not for sale, our children and their future's depend on it and something needs to be done... when did it become ok to be told what to do by our government and teachers? We are the ones electing them and ignoring what's happening in the world around us... I've seen where Obama ordered drone planes into 'friendly' areas and hurt innocent women and children. I've seen so many things happen lately and it's so sad to realize we've turned a cheek to the morals and values that used to come almost automatically...

It brings tears to my eyes all the time when I see what has become acceptable and how impossible it seems to be to make a stand. But wait, now thanks to Obama if we do make a stand we could be arrested (for peaceful protests) and if we're not careful we'll lose the internet and all of our means to keep educated about the happenings around the world. We're losing our rights, lost our privacy (yeah you know our phones are all tapped now, right? and did you know our internet usage is spied on too?) And what are we doing? Hiding behind closed doors, afraid to speak out, afraid to make our voices heard for fear of 'what they'll do to us'... The founding fathers of our country enacted our Constitutional Rights for a reason, THIS very reason. Many have said it's as if 'they' knew these things would happen and created the Constitution to ensure our safety, why else would possible dictators work so hard to take our rights away?  When did we the people learn to 'ignore' what is considered unacceptable and allow these things to happen? Well if you ask me, enough is enough already and it's time for REAL CHANGE, not the kind of change that we're seeing currently, but the kind that can only come from putting our foot down and saying NO MORE!

Please, I beg of you on behalf of all the children of the world and their present and future rights... do your homework, like REALLY do your homework... don't watch the mainstream media as your only source for information for that has been proven to be false the majority of the time. Utilize the tools we have available to help ensure the safety of us all, before it's too late. Demand paper at the polls and realize that for once we don't have to vote for 'the lesser of the two evils' for Ron Paul is making a stand on our behalf to protect our Constitution, our rights, our safety and our future. He is the only one demanding peace for ALL, that we need to stay out of other countries business especially when they don't want us or need us there. He is the only one standing up for ALL races and demanding equality... do your homework and you'll see.

God Bless America and God Bless Ron Paul!!!

Love & Light,


Saturday, April 5, 2014

When the fallen fell... into the churches

I've been writing about this on different blog posts and I decided it's high time I compile my message into one, for clarity purposes and to help those of the light stay in the light.
When Satan and the Fallen Angels were cast out of Heaven, they were given dominion over the earth. One of the very first things they did was strategically place themselves directly into the churches and into positions of power over the people in various places. Their main purpose here is to hurt God, they're angry they were cast out and they're angry with mankind because God said that the Angels should help mankind. (He actually said that mankind were higher than the Angels and this is what started the war in Heaven. Lucifer did not want to bow down to mankind.) In my opinion I don't think that God meant any harm in this because it's not that we're better than Angels, of course we could never be because they were created from God, they are made of His light and humans were created from dirt. In my opinion what I think is that God meant since we do not have powers like the Angels do, that the Angels were to help us; they are His messengers here to help deliver us to Heaven.

In trying to hurt God they knew they could never hurt Him directly so they are trying to hurt us, His children and by hurting us they hurt God. God loves us so much and I'm sure it causes him pain to see us suffer by the hands of the fallen and the demons. That is one of the reasons the Bible still has in it clues as to how we can go about fighting demons, if need be. A lot of the texts however have been altered in the Bible to mislead God's children and cause us to fight amongst ourselves, for example religious wars and arguing over religion when it's brought up almost anywhere. One could be at a party and the minute people start talking politics or religion, fights break out. It seems as though people will never agree about religion because we weren't meant to, that's how the fallen planned it.

You see because the fallen were once Angels, they still have powers; just because they fell does not mean they were stripped of their powers. Like Angels, they have the power to do amazing things, each having their own, various types of powers. One power in particular is to be able to see into the future (visions) as well as other things such as mind reading and communicating with us through telepathy (being able to talk to each other through our minds.) Of course there are many more powers, but this isn't about power, this is about what they're doing with those powers and why we must realize what's happening so that we can stop the cycle. With their power of seeing into the future they saw that placing themselves within the churches would and could lead to a great number of problems for God's children. They tell us a long list of "sins" to make us feel unworthy of God's love, telling us that we're sinners and that because of those sins we're doomed... unless of course we do what they say and repent, give them our money through "donations" and so forth. I'm not against churches or religions, don't get me wrong. What I'm against are the lies and deceit that's going on and people aren't seeing or realizing they're actually being led astray through some of the very churches they love so much. Some people will say they can feel God in the church or that they feel His presence; that's great and I'm not saying God doesn't show up but what I do know is that demons and fallen angels are the ones running the show and misinterpreting the bible. Not only did they alter a lot of what is written, again and again, now they are standing before us preaching what God said and scaring the wits out of people... saying we should fear God is one of the worst lies ever. I get into debates all the time with people who are religious and love God, who tell me that God is loving and forgiving but that He must punish the wicked and then call me wicked because I'm telling people the truth about the demons and fallen. No one wants to believe they've been deceived because then where would they go on Sunday's to feel better about themselves? Yep, I said it... and I'll say it again. People go to church to feel better about themselves. They go to church to hear that they're sinners, made to feel guilty, that others are horrible for committing sins and how they'll be saved because they asked for forgiveness and stopped having sex or because they're denying their sexual desires to be gay. Yep I said that too! :) Go ahead ask me, and I'll tell you how I feel... it's a crock of shit. The very preachers who are saying don't be gay and don't have sex are some of the ones molesting innocent little boys and then saying they'll be forgiven because they asked for forgiveness. Give me a break, seriously if that doesn't scream demonic to you then I might not be able to help you. Now I'm not saying the priests or pastors or higher ups in the ranks of the church who are committing those crimes are demons or fallen... but they might be or they might have been possessed or influenced in some way to do such things by those who are demons or fallen within the churches. They might have even been set up... another power that Angels (and demons) have is the ability to morph into whomever they want. They can make themselves look, talk and for the most part act like anyone they choose. So who knows, maybe one of them (or several of them) morphed into some of these church folk and molested the kids so they'd be removed from the church. Maybe they figured out who was a demon and they wanted to put a stop to them from coming forward and calling them out... who knows what really happened, only God and those directly involved really know.

The fact of the matter here is that the fallen, the demons and those they've corrupted are going around scaring the wits out of people, making them feel guilty for being human and making us all believe we're such huge sinners because of sex and other sins. Many people are sinners, don't get me wrong there either. If you molest kids, have sex with animals, lie, cheat, steal, kill or cause harm to others (humans or animals) then yes, you're a big time sinner and I'd say it to your face. Even an innocent lie to cover our hides is a sin, unless it's a lie to protect an innocent or to conceal something that isn't supposed to be revealed like the truth about certain things magickal, then yes that's different. But if you're just lying for personal gain or to hurt someone, it's a sin.

I'll cover more on the next blog... I'll be waiting for the controversial shit storm that I'm sure will be coming soon! See you soon!!! Bring it on Bible pushers!!! :)

Love & Light,

So you're thinking about selling your soul?

Demons are all around us here on earth and one of their main missions here on earth is to steal the souls of God’s children from them. They may offer money, power or fame but at what cost? Our souls are not really ours to wager with, for they belong to God. Would you spend an eternity in damnation for $20.00? For that is basically all those things amount to is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what one would face for selling their soul. Sure being a famous rock star or celebrated movie star may sound good now but once this ride is over, where will one wind up? Some people think it’s no big deal, they’ll be here for so many years and in the meantime they want to enjoy it… but when we look at how quickly one life ends, time goes by in a flash and before you know it we’re moving on. For those who don’t sell their souls, many come back to earth several times; they return to live again and again, playing out their karma and learning lessons that will help them advance in heaven. But someone who sells their soul… well they don’t get another chance, one ride and it’s over – do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. Once we finally move on to Heaven and not have to return we’re able to have whatever we want, for eternity. When you compare the momentary riches that one enjoys here on earth for just one lifetime, compared to that of eternity… well you get the point. It’s like you can either have $20.00 now or unlimited riches later. When people think of hell or damnation they think fire and brimstone, burning in hell. Yes and no… just like there are different levels in heaven there are also different types of hell. In one in particular one gets hunted, chased, tortured and killed in the most horrific ways… by demons, everyday all day and when you finally die it resets and the day begins again. It doesn’t end; there is no rest period and time to just relax; hunted like you’re a steak on a barbecue and the 40 to 200 demons chasing you haven’t eaten for 20 years. Or maybe you’re a great fighter and you’re thinking you could beat them or outrun them… could you fight off 1,000 demons who have magickal powers, swords, machetes and chain saws, and you're equipped with just your bare hands?

Sure, one could burn in hell for eternity, which maybe doesn’t sound so bad right now because it’s not happening at the moment and to say it wouldn’t be so bad is easy to say because we aren’t experiencing it or know what we speak of. But let me ask you this: Have you ever broken a bone? Have you ever burnt yourself on the stove or on an open fire? Have you ever hurt yourself so bad that you were in shear agony and could barely stand it? Even though it was only for a moment, didn’t that moment just HURT? Now take that moment of pain and imagine it never ending… or imagine for a moment running for your life from the most ferocious of creatures, hiding in the forest and when caught (oh you would get caught!) and then suffering torture of the worst kind… giant hooks dug into your skin, ripping at your flesh; or how about your limbs being pulled until the bones break and shatter and the skin finally rips away from your body? Or how about each and every limb being slowly sawed off over and over again, while you watch? And what if I told you that you’d only get $20.00 now for that kind of torture, every day until you die and then it starts all over again… how’s $20 bucks sound? Or $2,000.00? Or $40,000.00? We all know how fast we spend, would any amount suffice for you to go through endless torture on a constant basis, forever? Sure, maybe being a rock star or celebrity for 20 years sounds good, but in reality 20 years is nothing and it goes by in the blink of an eye.
This is just a small example of what it means to sell your soul to the devil.  Sure, maybe you could be a famous celebrity or rock star for a few years but deals with the devil or his demons will never work out in your favor and in the end will seem like a mere $20 bucks compared to the price one has to pay for selling their soul. Some people think why not sell their soul, since we’re all sinners and according to many religions we’ll probably go to hell anyway right? Wrong. The demons and fallen angels have strategically placed themselves within the churches and altered a lot of what is written within the bible to mislead God’s children into thinking so many things are causes for going to hell that we’ll all end up there anyway so that it’s easier to convince us to sell our precious God given souls. They say having sex before marriage is a major sin, having sex with that of the same sex or that even using cuss words are sins… I’m here to tell you those are not sins and you won’t go to hell for them. Granted things such as murder and being prejudice, lying and manipulating people are major sins, but if one commits such sins there is a chance for redemption but we need to make amends for things like that before we leave this life. To make amends with God for whatever sin you think you may have committed, one just needs to ask for forgiveness with a true sincerity from their heart… like when someone you love has hurt you and they apologize, cry and you can feel that they are truly sorry and swear they won’t do it again and you believe them because you can actually feel that they mean it, like that (and one can't keep committing the same sin and think it's ok to do it again, it's not and it's actually worse). And one would need to do things to help others, to say what those are I could go on and on… it would basically amount to putting others needs ahead of our own, kind selfless acts of love and service. I’ll write more about what to do redeem ourselves in another post however this one is to point out that we mustn’t sell our souls for any price because quite frankly our souls are priceless. If our souls weren’t priceless then the demons wouldn’t want them. Sure they may act like they’re worthless or not worth a whole lot, but that is another deception.
Maybe you’re not happy with the life your living, maybe you’re single, lonely or can’t find a job or the job of your dreams… maybe you’re living what you think is a miserable life and it doesn’t seem like it’ll get any better. But did you ever think that maybe this is your test? We live each life here thinking it’s our only one and maybe this one you’re in you aren’t happy with… but what if in your past lives you passed all the tests and this is one of your last lives before you get to stay in heaven and the cycle of reincarnation will end after this one, and all you have to do is prove your loyalty to God? What if in your past lives you were an awful person who hurt people and you were prejudice and this is your last chance to redeem yourself? You have a chance… God wouldn’t have given you this precious life if you didn’t have a chance. This IS your chance. We are each on our own mission or quest in this life time, right now. We each have some sort of destiny to fulfill, no matter how large or small. Where one person was only meant to give birth to a certain child and their mission is complete so they go home to heaven early or where another person’s mission may be to save a certain person at a certain time and place and their mission is completed… we are the only ones who can figure out our mission for within us the answers await. Maybe you won’t ever figure out your mission, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Maybe you have a mission every day to bring love and joy to people’s lives that you encounter wherever you work or maybe you’ll be the one to say something that will help save someone’s life and you won’t even know you helped them. Maybe someone’s mission is to volunteer and help feed the hungry or make a stand to help save the environment. I don’t know what your mission is, I can’t tell you. But there are ways to find out which I’ll cover in another post as well.
The point is this: God gave us these precious, amazing souls and each person will go through many tests, trials and tribulations in order to earn our way into heaven; along the way we will be tempted by the devil and his demons to do things that God wouldn’t approve of and they will try to steal us away from the light. We will suffer and we will cry, we will hurt and we will be confused, neglected, abused and more. The closer we are to fulfilling our mission here, the more we may face that will try to deter us from our destiny and from God. But I am here to warn you, help you understand a little better and give you what hope I can so that you will stay in the light and stay on the course that will lead to eternal happiness and bliss. God has always been there for you and always will be. He gave us free will to do as we please but He’s watching us. Our deeds will be weighed when judgment day comes and if we have balanced out our karma, repaid our debts for the wrongs we’ve done, then we will get to either go to heaven or we may go to one of the levels of hell. The thing is, why sell our souls for temporary, fake happiness when we have the chance for eternal bliss in the kingdom of heaven? We can all make it to heaven, we just have to try our best and believe… have faith and trust that we can make it through those pearly gates. We wouldn’t be here right now if we didn’t have a chance.
Love & Light,

Friday, April 4, 2014

What IF this planet is really a reality TV show for other planets??!!!

Well, let me ask you this, what kind of relationship do you have with Jesus or the Almighty God in Heaven? If you're anything like me, then you may say that you have a very close relationship with them and that you receive blessings, messages and more from 'the other side'. If you know God, then you may already know that we have a True Spirit, because 'we' don't really exist as we may feel we do. There is actually a part of us, the 'real' us, up in Heaven watching us 'down' here.

We are but an extension of our true selves, a tiny microcosm of who we really are. In Heaven, we are a great and ethereal being, a spirit. Imagine this... You are in Heaven and there is a tiny version of yourself here on earth, almost like a doll or a puppet if you will. Now granted we have such a thing as free will here on earth, so in essence we are a puppet without strings. We are like Pinocchio, made real by sheer will and desire.
Which leads me to my next question... have you ever meditated and asked what your 'True Spirit' is doing up there? I have and what I saw was a very large version of myself, slightly different in appearance but me nonetheless. What happened was that I was meditating one day and I prayed that I could see God in Heaven and next thing I knew I was there by His side. Mother God was there and so was Jesus. I gave them praise and all in all I didn't have any questions for them, for I knew that what we're experiencing 'down' here was not as important all of a sudden. I mean yes, there are important decisions we make that lead to the development of our character and the type of person we become and evolve into, some being good and others not so good. But in the grand scheme of things, the only really important thing is that we learn, love and share our talents and gifts with others. When face to face with God, I had nothing to say except Thank you and I love you. While I was there, I figured I'd ask to see my true spirit and what I was doing at the time. Jesus gestured to his left as if to say 'have a look' and I saw my spirit, sitting down in a cloud and leaning forward, hand on her chin, looking into a giant stone bowl type object, with her elbow resting on the edge. I walked up to her and looked into the bowl and saw that she was looking down at me!

Now I know for some, this may sound like one of the craziest things they've heard or close to it. But for those who meditate and believe in God, it's not that crazy sounding at all. When you develop a relationship with God your life can change so much, as does your view of the world in which we live. You start to realize that we are not alone, not by a long shot. The more you do research and the more you pray, meditate and get closer to God, the more you're able to see and learn.

Imagine your life is a movie, one long DVD... now imagine that you have been here before and lived other lives, had many adventures and countless experiences; all of which you can access by rewinding a DVD. You're able to say 'show me who I was in my last life' and hit a button on the remote and poof, you're immediately shown a snippet of who you were and without anyone having to 'tell' you, you just 'know' details. Somewhat like a movie or book you've read, you can recall the intimate details of the problems you faced, the desires you had and the dreams you once prayed for. You can see how you died, the feelings you felt and the disappointment you felt for not having 'done' everything you once dreamt you would accomplish. Thinking to yourself, "wow, this is how it ends. I never got to do..." and maybe you think, "well it's been a nice ride and now it's over". A sense of sadness comes over you because you really liked being 'you' and being alive. That's what meditation and being close to God can do for you. You have the ability to see everything as it was, see who you were in various lives and the 'story' of that which is you.
This is where some of the greatest movies and books come from, memories of a past life; whether the author is aware of it or not, this is where some of our inspiration comes from. Our dreams sometimes show us snippets of who we once were, but if you ask me, nothing compares to asking God to show you 'such and such' for with God all things are possible. I have a friend that has such a close relationship with God that she visits him in her sleep almost every night. She walks by His side and has conversations about everything you can imagine and some things we can't even imagine. She has what I call "the inside scoop" and sometimes I ask her questions about my life and in return, she says "why don't you ask God?" So I do. Well one day she was so excited she couldn't contain it and I was able to pry out of her what it was she discovered. She had found out that I had a soul mate who was absolutely perfect for me, we had so much in common that we even had similar view points, all the same interests and desires and much, much more. Upon learning he existed, I wanted to know more...
So one day I prayed, meditated, and asked God to show me who we were to each other in our past life, for something inside told me this wasn't our first lives in which we would know each other. As soon as I asked God showed me... we were sitting in a large room, it was day light out but the room was kind of dark and we sat at a table in front of a fireplace. There was a chess board in front of us and we were so happy to be together, laughing and talking. We were young, around 13 years old and we were cousins. There's more to tell, but I'm saving that for my book!

What I have learned over the years in my quest for truth is that there is so much that we don't know and so much that some people refuse to accept and some even get angry if you bring up the subjects of God, past lives and Angels. If you were to ask me, I'd say that I feel sorry for those that won't open up to the miracles and blessings that God has for us and when I do talk to people who don't believe or are not yet ready to believe, I tell them they'll find out someday. In my opinion, I'd rather learn about as much as I can now as opposed to waiting for someday...
To the question "what if this planet is a reality show for other planets?" I don't know yet about the other planets possibly watching us or much about the truth of aliens except that they do exist, but I do know that yes, we are a reality show, for ourselves up in Heaven. We are the star of our show and it is up to us to do great things so that one day, when this little extension of who we are is rewinding the DVD we too can be proud of ourselves.

Love & Light,