Saturday, April 5, 2014

So you're thinking about selling your soul?

Demons are all around us here on earth and one of their main missions here on earth is to steal the souls of God’s children from them. They may offer money, power or fame but at what cost? Our souls are not really ours to wager with, for they belong to God. Would you spend an eternity in damnation for $20.00? For that is basically all those things amount to is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what one would face for selling their soul. Sure being a famous rock star or celebrated movie star may sound good now but once this ride is over, where will one wind up? Some people think it’s no big deal, they’ll be here for so many years and in the meantime they want to enjoy it… but when we look at how quickly one life ends, time goes by in a flash and before you know it we’re moving on. For those who don’t sell their souls, many come back to earth several times; they return to live again and again, playing out their karma and learning lessons that will help them advance in heaven. But someone who sells their soul… well they don’t get another chance, one ride and it’s over – do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. Once we finally move on to Heaven and not have to return we’re able to have whatever we want, for eternity. When you compare the momentary riches that one enjoys here on earth for just one lifetime, compared to that of eternity… well you get the point. It’s like you can either have $20.00 now or unlimited riches later. When people think of hell or damnation they think fire and brimstone, burning in hell. Yes and no… just like there are different levels in heaven there are also different types of hell. In one in particular one gets hunted, chased, tortured and killed in the most horrific ways… by demons, everyday all day and when you finally die it resets and the day begins again. It doesn’t end; there is no rest period and time to just relax; hunted like you’re a steak on a barbecue and the 40 to 200 demons chasing you haven’t eaten for 20 years. Or maybe you’re a great fighter and you’re thinking you could beat them or outrun them… could you fight off 1,000 demons who have magickal powers, swords, machetes and chain saws, and you're equipped with just your bare hands?

Sure, one could burn in hell for eternity, which maybe doesn’t sound so bad right now because it’s not happening at the moment and to say it wouldn’t be so bad is easy to say because we aren’t experiencing it or know what we speak of. But let me ask you this: Have you ever broken a bone? Have you ever burnt yourself on the stove or on an open fire? Have you ever hurt yourself so bad that you were in shear agony and could barely stand it? Even though it was only for a moment, didn’t that moment just HURT? Now take that moment of pain and imagine it never ending… or imagine for a moment running for your life from the most ferocious of creatures, hiding in the forest and when caught (oh you would get caught!) and then suffering torture of the worst kind… giant hooks dug into your skin, ripping at your flesh; or how about your limbs being pulled until the bones break and shatter and the skin finally rips away from your body? Or how about each and every limb being slowly sawed off over and over again, while you watch? And what if I told you that you’d only get $20.00 now for that kind of torture, every day until you die and then it starts all over again… how’s $20 bucks sound? Or $2,000.00? Or $40,000.00? We all know how fast we spend, would any amount suffice for you to go through endless torture on a constant basis, forever? Sure, maybe being a rock star or celebrity for 20 years sounds good, but in reality 20 years is nothing and it goes by in the blink of an eye.
This is just a small example of what it means to sell your soul to the devil.  Sure, maybe you could be a famous celebrity or rock star for a few years but deals with the devil or his demons will never work out in your favor and in the end will seem like a mere $20 bucks compared to the price one has to pay for selling their soul. Some people think why not sell their soul, since we’re all sinners and according to many religions we’ll probably go to hell anyway right? Wrong. The demons and fallen angels have strategically placed themselves within the churches and altered a lot of what is written within the bible to mislead God’s children into thinking so many things are causes for going to hell that we’ll all end up there anyway so that it’s easier to convince us to sell our precious God given souls. They say having sex before marriage is a major sin, having sex with that of the same sex or that even using cuss words are sins… I’m here to tell you those are not sins and you won’t go to hell for them. Granted things such as murder and being prejudice, lying and manipulating people are major sins, but if one commits such sins there is a chance for redemption but we need to make amends for things like that before we leave this life. To make amends with God for whatever sin you think you may have committed, one just needs to ask for forgiveness with a true sincerity from their heart… like when someone you love has hurt you and they apologize, cry and you can feel that they are truly sorry and swear they won’t do it again and you believe them because you can actually feel that they mean it, like that (and one can't keep committing the same sin and think it's ok to do it again, it's not and it's actually worse). And one would need to do things to help others, to say what those are I could go on and on… it would basically amount to putting others needs ahead of our own, kind selfless acts of love and service. I’ll write more about what to do redeem ourselves in another post however this one is to point out that we mustn’t sell our souls for any price because quite frankly our souls are priceless. If our souls weren’t priceless then the demons wouldn’t want them. Sure they may act like they’re worthless or not worth a whole lot, but that is another deception.
Maybe you’re not happy with the life your living, maybe you’re single, lonely or can’t find a job or the job of your dreams… maybe you’re living what you think is a miserable life and it doesn’t seem like it’ll get any better. But did you ever think that maybe this is your test? We live each life here thinking it’s our only one and maybe this one you’re in you aren’t happy with… but what if in your past lives you passed all the tests and this is one of your last lives before you get to stay in heaven and the cycle of reincarnation will end after this one, and all you have to do is prove your loyalty to God? What if in your past lives you were an awful person who hurt people and you were prejudice and this is your last chance to redeem yourself? You have a chance… God wouldn’t have given you this precious life if you didn’t have a chance. This IS your chance. We are each on our own mission or quest in this life time, right now. We each have some sort of destiny to fulfill, no matter how large or small. Where one person was only meant to give birth to a certain child and their mission is complete so they go home to heaven early or where another person’s mission may be to save a certain person at a certain time and place and their mission is completed… we are the only ones who can figure out our mission for within us the answers await. Maybe you won’t ever figure out your mission, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Maybe you have a mission every day to bring love and joy to people’s lives that you encounter wherever you work or maybe you’ll be the one to say something that will help save someone’s life and you won’t even know you helped them. Maybe someone’s mission is to volunteer and help feed the hungry or make a stand to help save the environment. I don’t know what your mission is, I can’t tell you. But there are ways to find out which I’ll cover in another post as well.
The point is this: God gave us these precious, amazing souls and each person will go through many tests, trials and tribulations in order to earn our way into heaven; along the way we will be tempted by the devil and his demons to do things that God wouldn’t approve of and they will try to steal us away from the light. We will suffer and we will cry, we will hurt and we will be confused, neglected, abused and more. The closer we are to fulfilling our mission here, the more we may face that will try to deter us from our destiny and from God. But I am here to warn you, help you understand a little better and give you what hope I can so that you will stay in the light and stay on the course that will lead to eternal happiness and bliss. God has always been there for you and always will be. He gave us free will to do as we please but He’s watching us. Our deeds will be weighed when judgment day comes and if we have balanced out our karma, repaid our debts for the wrongs we’ve done, then we will get to either go to heaven or we may go to one of the levels of hell. The thing is, why sell our souls for temporary, fake happiness when we have the chance for eternal bliss in the kingdom of heaven? We can all make it to heaven, we just have to try our best and believe… have faith and trust that we can make it through those pearly gates. We wouldn’t be here right now if we didn’t have a chance.
Love & Light,
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