Saturday, April 5, 2014

When the fallen fell... into the churches

I've been writing about this on different blog posts and I decided it's high time I compile my message into one, for clarity purposes and to help those of the light stay in the light.
When Satan and the Fallen Angels were cast out of Heaven, they were given dominion over the earth. One of the very first things they did was strategically place themselves directly into the churches and into positions of power over the people in various places. Their main purpose here is to hurt God, they're angry they were cast out and they're angry with mankind because God said that the Angels should help mankind. (He actually said that mankind were higher than the Angels and this is what started the war in Heaven. Lucifer did not want to bow down to mankind.) In my opinion I don't think that God meant any harm in this because it's not that we're better than Angels, of course we could never be because they were created from God, they are made of His light and humans were created from dirt. In my opinion what I think is that God meant since we do not have powers like the Angels do, that the Angels were to help us; they are His messengers here to help deliver us to Heaven.

In trying to hurt God they knew they could never hurt Him directly so they are trying to hurt us, His children and by hurting us they hurt God. God loves us so much and I'm sure it causes him pain to see us suffer by the hands of the fallen and the demons. That is one of the reasons the Bible still has in it clues as to how we can go about fighting demons, if need be. A lot of the texts however have been altered in the Bible to mislead God's children and cause us to fight amongst ourselves, for example religious wars and arguing over religion when it's brought up almost anywhere. One could be at a party and the minute people start talking politics or religion, fights break out. It seems as though people will never agree about religion because we weren't meant to, that's how the fallen planned it.

You see because the fallen were once Angels, they still have powers; just because they fell does not mean they were stripped of their powers. Like Angels, they have the power to do amazing things, each having their own, various types of powers. One power in particular is to be able to see into the future (visions) as well as other things such as mind reading and communicating with us through telepathy (being able to talk to each other through our minds.) Of course there are many more powers, but this isn't about power, this is about what they're doing with those powers and why we must realize what's happening so that we can stop the cycle. With their power of seeing into the future they saw that placing themselves within the churches would and could lead to a great number of problems for God's children. They tell us a long list of "sins" to make us feel unworthy of God's love, telling us that we're sinners and that because of those sins we're doomed... unless of course we do what they say and repent, give them our money through "donations" and so forth. I'm not against churches or religions, don't get me wrong. What I'm against are the lies and deceit that's going on and people aren't seeing or realizing they're actually being led astray through some of the very churches they love so much. Some people will say they can feel God in the church or that they feel His presence; that's great and I'm not saying God doesn't show up but what I do know is that demons and fallen angels are the ones running the show and misinterpreting the bible. Not only did they alter a lot of what is written, again and again, now they are standing before us preaching what God said and scaring the wits out of people... saying we should fear God is one of the worst lies ever. I get into debates all the time with people who are religious and love God, who tell me that God is loving and forgiving but that He must punish the wicked and then call me wicked because I'm telling people the truth about the demons and fallen. No one wants to believe they've been deceived because then where would they go on Sunday's to feel better about themselves? Yep, I said it... and I'll say it again. People go to church to feel better about themselves. They go to church to hear that they're sinners, made to feel guilty, that others are horrible for committing sins and how they'll be saved because they asked for forgiveness and stopped having sex or because they're denying their sexual desires to be gay. Yep I said that too! :) Go ahead ask me, and I'll tell you how I feel... it's a crock of shit. The very preachers who are saying don't be gay and don't have sex are some of the ones molesting innocent little boys and then saying they'll be forgiven because they asked for forgiveness. Give me a break, seriously if that doesn't scream demonic to you then I might not be able to help you. Now I'm not saying the priests or pastors or higher ups in the ranks of the church who are committing those crimes are demons or fallen... but they might be or they might have been possessed or influenced in some way to do such things by those who are demons or fallen within the churches. They might have even been set up... another power that Angels (and demons) have is the ability to morph into whomever they want. They can make themselves look, talk and for the most part act like anyone they choose. So who knows, maybe one of them (or several of them) morphed into some of these church folk and molested the kids so they'd be removed from the church. Maybe they figured out who was a demon and they wanted to put a stop to them from coming forward and calling them out... who knows what really happened, only God and those directly involved really know.

The fact of the matter here is that the fallen, the demons and those they've corrupted are going around scaring the wits out of people, making them feel guilty for being human and making us all believe we're such huge sinners because of sex and other sins. Many people are sinners, don't get me wrong there either. If you molest kids, have sex with animals, lie, cheat, steal, kill or cause harm to others (humans or animals) then yes, you're a big time sinner and I'd say it to your face. Even an innocent lie to cover our hides is a sin, unless it's a lie to protect an innocent or to conceal something that isn't supposed to be revealed like the truth about certain things magickal, then yes that's different. But if you're just lying for personal gain or to hurt someone, it's a sin.

I'll cover more on the next blog... I'll be waiting for the controversial shit storm that I'm sure will be coming soon! See you soon!!! Bring it on Bible pushers!!! :)

Love & Light,
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