Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Things I ponder... our world and what's become acceptable

I'm pretty disheartened as I sit here reviewing some of the articles, conversations and events that I've seen unfold onto my facebook page recently. You see I post things such as music, uplifting quotes, and links to things I find online that doesn't always make it to the general public because of the media or lack thereof at times. What happened recently was just the final straw on top of the camel's proverbial back.

If you're friends with me on facebook then you know I also share videos and articles about political things that I just feel needs to be shared. I share things that pictate what's really happening as far as politicians and how they go back on their words, completely rob of us of our rights and worse...

What I realized tonight as I reviewed my previous posts, is that there are just far too many obscure and down right awful things that we've somehow come to accept as 'normal'... is it just that things have gotten so increasingly worse over time that we've been dummed down to not think it's ok when some villages that are minding their own business suddenly get bombed during a time of peace? Or what's worse is that during those 'missions' innocent women and children are the main victims and we don't seem to know or care about it, let alone bat an eye at times when it's brought to our attention.

What I also saw was that 6 year olds in kindergarten are being arrested for throwing a major temper tantrum and children are getting threatened by their teachers to make sure their parents vote for Obama... or they may fail their class and be held back. A teen age boy getting shot when visiting his step-mom, and people claiming they're Christian while they cuss you out and damn one to hell for NOT supporting Obama... who does that? I met someone who did...

When did it become acceptable for us to not get upset over these things? Why on earth anyone would want someone in the White House who is taking our Constitutional Rights away faster than we can keep up is beyond me. And let's not forget about how the true stats of Ron Paul are being falsified on national television? Why would they do this you ask? Because they can... the news stations are primarily owned by the Obama and Romney's supporters (which by the way the same companies are supporting both candidates) and they don't want Ron Paul to win because he'll interfere with this giant conspiracy to turn our great country into what's quickly becoming a place we are no longer safe from our own government.

When did it become ok for Obama (or any President for that matter) to side-step Congress and decide that he's able to arrest us with no jury, trial, or attorney? Do not pass go, give up all your property and become a slave? There are some that argue that past President's have enacted an Executive Order, but where does that say we should be accepting of this? Now obviously I'm not saying 'we the people' should be doing anything crazy, I'm just saying when did all of this become ok and something that's become normal to us? As in the book I spoke of before 'How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved' in my past post about Abuse; when did we 'normalize' this kind of control and abuse of our lives and individual rights? If you ask me, I think 'we the people' need to become more involved with our world around us and it not only starts at home but it starts with research, keeping ourselves informed using all means of information such as the news papers, news sites that report the truth, youtube and online at the individual candidates sites. We need to get the information to make educated decisions and stop being bullied around! Vote, but not just vote because the digital pole machines have been proven to be easily tampered with so we need to go back to paper ballots! There's a petition online that one can sign to push for paper (again) at the poles.

We need to realize that our lives are not for sale, our children and their future's depend on it and something needs to be done... when did it become ok to be told what to do by our government and teachers? We are the ones electing them and ignoring what's happening in the world around us... I've seen where Obama ordered drone planes into 'friendly' areas and hurt innocent women and children. I've seen so many things happen lately and it's so sad to realize we've turned a cheek to the morals and values that used to come almost automatically...

It brings tears to my eyes all the time when I see what has become acceptable and how impossible it seems to be to make a stand. But wait, now thanks to Obama if we do make a stand we could be arrested (for peaceful protests) and if we're not careful we'll lose the internet and all of our means to keep educated about the happenings around the world. We're losing our rights, lost our privacy (yeah you know our phones are all tapped now, right? and did you know our internet usage is spied on too?) And what are we doing? Hiding behind closed doors, afraid to speak out, afraid to make our voices heard for fear of 'what they'll do to us'... The founding fathers of our country enacted our Constitutional Rights for a reason, THIS very reason. Many have said it's as if 'they' knew these things would happen and created the Constitution to ensure our safety, why else would possible dictators work so hard to take our rights away?  When did we the people learn to 'ignore' what is considered unacceptable and allow these things to happen? Well if you ask me, enough is enough already and it's time for REAL CHANGE, not the kind of change that we're seeing currently, but the kind that can only come from putting our foot down and saying NO MORE!

Please, I beg of you on behalf of all the children of the world and their present and future rights... do your homework, like REALLY do your homework... don't watch the mainstream media as your only source for information for that has been proven to be false the majority of the time. Utilize the tools we have available to help ensure the safety of us all, before it's too late. Demand paper at the polls and realize that for once we don't have to vote for 'the lesser of the two evils' for Ron Paul is making a stand on our behalf to protect our Constitution, our rights, our safety and our future. He is the only one demanding peace for ALL, that we need to stay out of other countries business especially when they don't want us or need us there. He is the only one standing up for ALL races and demanding equality... do your homework and you'll see.

God Bless America and God Bless Ron Paul!!!

Love & Light,

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