Friday, April 4, 2014

What IF this planet is really a reality TV show for other planets??!!!

Well, let me ask you this, what kind of relationship do you have with Jesus or the Almighty God in Heaven? If you're anything like me, then you may say that you have a very close relationship with them and that you receive blessings, messages and more from 'the other side'. If you know God, then you may already know that we have a True Spirit, because 'we' don't really exist as we may feel we do. There is actually a part of us, the 'real' us, up in Heaven watching us 'down' here.

We are but an extension of our true selves, a tiny microcosm of who we really are. In Heaven, we are a great and ethereal being, a spirit. Imagine this... You are in Heaven and there is a tiny version of yourself here on earth, almost like a doll or a puppet if you will. Now granted we have such a thing as free will here on earth, so in essence we are a puppet without strings. We are like Pinocchio, made real by sheer will and desire.
Which leads me to my next question... have you ever meditated and asked what your 'True Spirit' is doing up there? I have and what I saw was a very large version of myself, slightly different in appearance but me nonetheless. What happened was that I was meditating one day and I prayed that I could see God in Heaven and next thing I knew I was there by His side. Mother God was there and so was Jesus. I gave them praise and all in all I didn't have any questions for them, for I knew that what we're experiencing 'down' here was not as important all of a sudden. I mean yes, there are important decisions we make that lead to the development of our character and the type of person we become and evolve into, some being good and others not so good. But in the grand scheme of things, the only really important thing is that we learn, love and share our talents and gifts with others. When face to face with God, I had nothing to say except Thank you and I love you. While I was there, I figured I'd ask to see my true spirit and what I was doing at the time. Jesus gestured to his left as if to say 'have a look' and I saw my spirit, sitting down in a cloud and leaning forward, hand on her chin, looking into a giant stone bowl type object, with her elbow resting on the edge. I walked up to her and looked into the bowl and saw that she was looking down at me!

Now I know for some, this may sound like one of the craziest things they've heard or close to it. But for those who meditate and believe in God, it's not that crazy sounding at all. When you develop a relationship with God your life can change so much, as does your view of the world in which we live. You start to realize that we are not alone, not by a long shot. The more you do research and the more you pray, meditate and get closer to God, the more you're able to see and learn.

Imagine your life is a movie, one long DVD... now imagine that you have been here before and lived other lives, had many adventures and countless experiences; all of which you can access by rewinding a DVD. You're able to say 'show me who I was in my last life' and hit a button on the remote and poof, you're immediately shown a snippet of who you were and without anyone having to 'tell' you, you just 'know' details. Somewhat like a movie or book you've read, you can recall the intimate details of the problems you faced, the desires you had and the dreams you once prayed for. You can see how you died, the feelings you felt and the disappointment you felt for not having 'done' everything you once dreamt you would accomplish. Thinking to yourself, "wow, this is how it ends. I never got to do..." and maybe you think, "well it's been a nice ride and now it's over". A sense of sadness comes over you because you really liked being 'you' and being alive. That's what meditation and being close to God can do for you. You have the ability to see everything as it was, see who you were in various lives and the 'story' of that which is you.
This is where some of the greatest movies and books come from, memories of a past life; whether the author is aware of it or not, this is where some of our inspiration comes from. Our dreams sometimes show us snippets of who we once were, but if you ask me, nothing compares to asking God to show you 'such and such' for with God all things are possible. I have a friend that has such a close relationship with God that she visits him in her sleep almost every night. She walks by His side and has conversations about everything you can imagine and some things we can't even imagine. She has what I call "the inside scoop" and sometimes I ask her questions about my life and in return, she says "why don't you ask God?" So I do. Well one day she was so excited she couldn't contain it and I was able to pry out of her what it was she discovered. She had found out that I had a soul mate who was absolutely perfect for me, we had so much in common that we even had similar view points, all the same interests and desires and much, much more. Upon learning he existed, I wanted to know more...
So one day I prayed, meditated, and asked God to show me who we were to each other in our past life, for something inside told me this wasn't our first lives in which we would know each other. As soon as I asked God showed me... we were sitting in a large room, it was day light out but the room was kind of dark and we sat at a table in front of a fireplace. There was a chess board in front of us and we were so happy to be together, laughing and talking. We were young, around 13 years old and we were cousins. There's more to tell, but I'm saving that for my book!

What I have learned over the years in my quest for truth is that there is so much that we don't know and so much that some people refuse to accept and some even get angry if you bring up the subjects of God, past lives and Angels. If you were to ask me, I'd say that I feel sorry for those that won't open up to the miracles and blessings that God has for us and when I do talk to people who don't believe or are not yet ready to believe, I tell them they'll find out someday. In my opinion, I'd rather learn about as much as I can now as opposed to waiting for someday...
To the question "what if this planet is a reality show for other planets?" I don't know yet about the other planets possibly watching us or much about the truth of aliens except that they do exist, but I do know that yes, we are a reality show, for ourselves up in Heaven. We are the star of our show and it is up to us to do great things so that one day, when this little extension of who we are is rewinding the DVD we too can be proud of ourselves.

Love & Light,

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