Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ghosts??? Seriously??? You really think they're real??? ;)

Most people have seen the show 'Ghost Whisperer' or may have heard of it... for those who haven't, the show is based on a woman who has been seeing ghosts since she was a little girl, they've just always been visible to her the same as we see 'regular' people. She helps them with their unfinished business and helps them move on, into the light.

For some people who have never seen a ghost find this just a sci-fi show that doesn't happen in real life... however there is a very large number of people all around the world who have witnessed first hand the truth, that ghosts do exist and they're very real. Most people will see ghosts as a child but not realize what it is they're seeing, very similar to when we see angel's but because of parents or other adults who don't believe, they tell them 'they're not real' or 'it's just a glare from the tv' and so kids will believe and accept that as truth (they trust the adults in their lives) and because of being told they're not real, will no longer 'see' them. By choosing to believe they aren't real, one is actually closing their 3rd eye and may never see a ghost or angel again and later in life may wind up thinking others who can see them are nuts!  

The fact of the matter is, ghosts are very real and they're actually all around us. Now again, I must say that I'm no expert on the subject, however I have had more than a handful of encounters with ghosts, enough to know that they're REAL!!!! ;) Since I was a kid, I've been able to see ghosts however more recently I decided I no longer wanted to and decided that if I'm going to see anything from the 'other' side, I'd prefer to see angel's. Yes, you can actually make the decision and make it a reality (as I've stated previously our minds are very powerful.)

There are at least a few reasons that ghosts are around and a few things that happen while they're here... first off would be that they have unfinished business. Sometimes they're just worried about their loved ones and think that if they cross over that their family will suffer. This is where saying your final good bye is very helpful to helping them move on. If after they pass you have a conversation with them, as if they're still near you; whether you see them or not chances are they'll hear you because you have a strong connection to them... I've heard it said that when you feel deeply for someone they live on in your heart, well that's true.

Basically what happens if you find yourself unable to accept the fact they're gone, continue to cry and mourn over the loss, you are in essence holding them back from moving on. During your conversation with them, what's best in my opinion is to tell them you love them, how you'll miss them but that you'll be ok and want them to go to Heaven. You can tell them you want them to visit you, watch over you, but that they must move on and you'll be alright. You must then muster up the strength to have the conviction in your words to let them know you mean it.... you will be ok. You'll miss them, but will see them soon. This usually works best for loved ones, for the most part, they want to move on but they love you so much they don't want to leave you for fear of your pain and suffering, they'll wonder if you'll recover, and if you'll really be ok. In encouraging them to move on and that you'll be ok, you give them the strength and the 'ok' to go into Heaven... If you continue to cry, continue to 'hold onto them' with your pain and grief, you actually make them sad, make them worry even more and if you're not careful, they'll stay.

I'm not saying don't cry, or don't grieve, for that's a natural part of the healing process and we need to do those things in order to help ourselves heal... what I am saying is to realize that trying to keep them here, is actually a selfish thing that we should not do. Trying to hold onto someone who has passed can actually cause the grieving process to be prolonged, can cause more pain, and more grief than is necessary. The sooner you let them know it's ok for them to go into the light and that you'll see them soon, the sooner you can begin to realize that they're not ever really gone, they're just out of sight. You can always talk to them, even though they're in Heaven...

Another thing that I've learned that can happen to a person's spirit when they pass is that they can get stuck; they don't realize they're dead. They can get attached to people, follow them around and then may actually get 'left' somewhere because they're distracted. In instances such as this, it's best to let them know they're not alive anymore (in as gentle a way as possible) that you're sorry they've passed but that Heaven is a wonderful place and that their family is in the light and that they should go into it. If you feel that hasn't worked, the best thing to do is pray and ask God to help them move on. He will...

I've also heard of ghosts that stay with a family member, thinking they are helping them, when really they can cause more harm than good. Their fears can become your fears, their medical condition they had before they passed can actually become your medical condition... because their energy is so strong and can have an impact on your energy. Have you ever been around someone who for some reason their stress became your stress? It's very similar when someone has passed on but decided that they think it's in your best interest to stay with you... maybe you like them being around and feel you need the guidance, but quite frankly you'd be better off taking the advice of an angel since their advice comes directly from God. It's best to ask them to move on and live your life, make your own decisions and learn to be on your own... it's very similar to a mom who won't let their child out of their sight, how would you feel having your mom go to school with you from kindergarten through high school and telling you what to do every step of the way? I don't think anyone would like that, so why would you want your aunt, mom, dad or grandparents with you every step of the way, influencing every decision you encounter in life?

Then there are some ghosts that are angry and seem to reek havoc in homes, causing lights to go off and on, flicker or blow out light bulbs! Slamming doors and breaking things, to either scare you or get your attention... with those ghosts, I recommend some serious prayers! There's also another step you can take and may sound a bit extreme but it works. You start out by putting a circle of salt around the entire perimeter of your home, outside. You then go to the inside... placing a line of salt on every window sill, and in front of every door; all the while praying to God to seal your home and push out any unwanted spirits... you then picture in your mind that your roof has an opening in it and the ghosts goes up and out. Prayer, prayer, prayer!!!

Another good way to get an unwanted spirit out of the house is to start at the front door, bible in hand and pray... work your way from the front of the house, into every room and eventually out the back door, all the while praying that God will bless the home and that unwanted spirits are to be removed... once reaching the back door, you are to walk outside, pray some more and brush yourself off from top to bottom; you use your hands to 'brush' off the spirit(s) as they will become attached to you and your brushing them off removes them. I know this sounds a bit 'out there' to some, however it is a very old Hawaiian custom that has been passed down for many generations and I've personally seen it work.  

Heaven is a marvelous place and one month on earth is like a blink of the eye in Heaven. If you're sad or grieving over the loss of a loved one, please know that you'll see them again. If you don't 'believe' in ghosts, God or Angels, then I don't know what I can say to help you realize they're all real...

I've met people before that didn't believe and they thought that when we die we simply disappear and go into nothingness... if you ask me that's a very sad way to think and live. To think, we did all this for nothing? That every precious moment we spend on earth, every beautiful thing such as the trees, grass, mountains, sun, moon, butterflies, dragonflies, rainbows, sunsets and moon rises, are all for not? That music will not live on, that the love we feel for others and the creatures of the earth, is all for nothing? I have to disagree, because I've witnessed far too much to think that there's nothing after this... I know too many people that agree with my blogs, that have 'seen' things their entire lives and know what I say is true... life is wonderful, for a reason. Earth is a reflection of Heaven, (the good stuff!) and Heaven is even better than we can imagine. So when the piper comes callin' say your prayers and ask for forgiveness and know that your place is in Heaven, when it's all said and done. If hearing my ghost stories will help you understand better or to believe, leave a comment and I'll share some... otherwise, you'll have to wait for me to finish my book and read about them there!! :)

Love & Light,


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