Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We're only human... we all make mistakes!

In this classroom of life, I have found that we never stop learning, unless we refuse to! From communication problems causing problems where none should have existed to thinking you're doing the right thing when really it turns out to be the complete wrong thing, I'd have to say NEVER stop learning from your mistakes!
We're all human and God knows we're not perfect and it seems no matter how hard we may try, we always make mistakes! I've found that when we don't think before we act, are some of the times we've made the biggest mistakes. We hurt those we love the most when we least expect it and learn again the hard way, to think before we act. Sometimes we may spend months thinking about our choice in a matter only to realize it turned out to still be a mistake, even though we took so much time pondering it!
I don't know if there is any secret formula for making the right choices but I believe as long as we accept that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, life can be a little easier to understand. We may not know why we made the wrong choice but as long as we learn something from it, was it really wrong? Could we have avoided it, or was it inevitable or imperative that we made the mistake so that we may learn? There are many questions I have regarding this subject and until it becomes obvious as to 'why' I or we did something that seemed stupid, hurtful, selfish or down right degrading... in the meantime all we can do is 'accept that we're human' and try to learn from it. Apologize when we're wrong, try not to make excuses (in making excuses we might miss the lesson!) and forgive ourselves and others, for we are only human after all. We'll always be perfectly imperfect and flawed... the best we can do is try our best and accept responsibility for our mistakes.
Love & Light,
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