Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Word about Tarot Cards

Ok, so maybe this will actually be a few more words than a mere single word! I've been a spiritual, God loving woman since I can remember and I've been doing Tarot card readings for roughly 20 years off / on. Because of my beliefs in God whenever I do a card reading I pray to God for the answers and guidance to my questions; and my readings whether for myself or others are always accurate!
I've had experiences with others reading my cards in the past who were not spiritual nor did they believe in God or worship Him I should say. I, not knowing or realizing it at the time, later found out they believed in dark entities and the readings they did for me seemed to me (my instincts told me) they were not accurate and they actually held the readers' hidden agendas laced within them; attempting to lead me astray or make me fearful, their attempts at manipulating me and my future choices...
So I must say to those who have fear of Tarot cards or those who believe Tarot cards are bad, evil or that God would not want us to use them, to them I say "GET REAL!!" It's not the cards, its the user, the source of their desires and who they ask for answers. The cards are like anything in this world, they are what we believe them to be and the answers come from whomever we ask, whether it's your old Aunt Betty, Uncle Bob, God or whomever you choose... the information is only as accurate or as pure as the reader and their guide... It's up to you who you want to ask, hopefully it's an Angel, God, Buddah, Ghandi, or good ol' loving Aunt Claire, but the choice is yours... Choose wisely but don't judge the cards!!!
A favorite deck of mine is Ask An Angel Oracle cards! Choose your card deck wisely as well as who you ask for Guidance and answers! Anyone can read cards and usually every deck includes an instruction booklet.
Happy readings always!!!
Love & Light,
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