Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Living An Adventurous Life!

This is a blog post I wrote a few months ago and posted on my friends' blog. We had soooo many great comments and views I thought I'd share it here.

Travel, Adventure, Cliff Diving, Rock-Climbing and Sky-Diving… OH MY!

Whether you believe in Heaven or not, I’ve heard that one day in Heaven is equal to thirty years on Earth! When you look at it that way, life really is short!

I believe that having an adventurous, exciting life is the ONLY way to go! :) Since I was a kid I’ve always been a risk taker, climbing a 30-foot telephone pole and jumping to a trapeze was my idea of a dream come true!

Climbing up a steep volcano cliff to jump off into the ocean in Maui was exhilarating! I felt like Tinkerbell and boy did I spread my wings! Para-Sailing was nice, the view was great – flying in the open air, 50 feet above the ocean, surrounded by the mountains, was peaceful and I felt connected with nature…

Some people won’t even get on a plane to go somewhere they may have dreamt about for years and here I’m looking forward to jumping from one! Not only do I want to jump, I want to fly through the air, get swallowed up by the wind and swept up into the clear blue sky!

I want to travel to all of the places on a map and especially those NOT on a map! Lol. Some of my favorite times in my life have been driving off-road in the middle of nowhere, windows down, wind tangling my hair as it whips around my face with good old fashioned Rock n’ Roll blaring on the radio!

Life is great when you put your cares aside and plummet into nature, the good ol’ outdoors…
I’ve read that nature recharges your spirit and frees your soul… I can personally attest it’s soooo true! So next time you debate about what to do: drink a beer by the pool, puking till your blue from too much booze… consider the road trip and the pure enjoyment of truly enjoying the great outdoors, where being sober can be more exhilarating than any drug you can abuse!

Whether its traveling to distant places, diving / jumping from a cliff into the big deep blue, or flying through the sky and knowing that whatever happens you too can enjoy life with an Exhilarating hue…

After all we’re only here for a short time – the blink of an eye and you’re through! Just make sure you don’t mistake foolishness for excitement, or it could end up being your last rendezvous!
Until we meet again, I hope you enjoy your life too! :)

Love & Light,


Skiing is great too! Start at the tippy top diamond and zig zag all the way to the tourist! I’ve definitely flown down more slopes than I can count, the only problem I had was I’m so small and light that when the snowy ice was reeeaaallly icy, I literally FLEW! Lol. When I went that fast, my skis didn’t touch the ground! Didn’t always make for a pretty landing but THANK GOD I’m flexible & blessed… I never broke a bone but I did have to untangle them! :) Hot Chocolate Cheers to the slopes!!! ;)

Next great adventure aside from flying from (hopefully) a perfectly good plane will be surfing my favorite Hawaiian Island of Maui! Little nervous about the sharks but like I said I’m blessed! :) NO worries man! :D Hang Loose!

Love & Light,
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