Thursday, April 26, 2012

Manifesting and our 'blueprints / contracts' ~ the how's and why's we get what we want

There have been many books and DVD's published on the subject of manifesting and how to get what we really want in our lives but often one may find that no matter how good they are at manifesting and creating what they want, there are still some things that seem unattainable.

Before we are born and come to earth we create what is called a blueprint or contract. We get together with other spirit's who agree to do certain things in our lives or play specific roles so that we may learn whatever it is that we decide we want to go through, in our quest for soul advancement. Now while some things are more concrete there are some things we decide such as if we choose to take an alternate path, what we may encounter can change. Say for instance you are given the circumstance to turn left or right, what the outcome will be may alter the path you take, so we plan out what we will encounter should we decide to turn left. We also plan out the pains that we will face and the people that will help aide us to suffer. I know that's pretty deep, saying "I want to suffer in such and such way so that I can experience such and such; in doing so my soul will evolve in such a way" which plainly put means that we choose the specifics of our lives, including the abuse, the neglect, the sufferings in which we face that sometimes seem unbearable.

Why would we do this? Why would we choose to suffer? All souls or spirits must go through various experiences in order to advance spiritually, some may choose an easier path, not really concerned with advancing yet more concerned for simply enjoying life and having nearly everything they want (maybe in their past lives they suffered and advanced so much that this time around they decided to enjoy life more and take a break!) Some may choose to come into the world having a well-to-do family so that they don't have to struggle financially but maybe they have other struggles such as finding true love or facing illnesses or disappointment in their family because of lack of compassion or remorse for hurting others. These too are learning lessons for us, to learn to love those despite their lack of morals or values. Others may choose to come into the world rich in one life and poor in another, learning the differences of the pains and struggles of each for further advancement. Maybe in a few lives you were uber rich and learned that wealth isn't everything and decided to come into your next life insanely poor so that you could experience life on the other end of the spectrum and in that adversity learned to create your own wealth by your own means. Or maybe you decided that no matter what, you'd always be poor and struggle as that too is a learning lesson. Maybe by being amongst the poor you had to overcome a hatred towards the rich or a deep compassion for those who need help and a love for the simple things in life, or all of the above.

Either way, we have choices to make before we come to earth and while we are here. Not every detail is planned out as we leave things to our free will, yet we may choose the important things in order to have a full and deeper meaningful soul advancement. If you believe in God and speak often of the benefits of having Jesus in our lives, have you ever met someone that no matter what you said seemed to reject all that you had to say? Speaking until you're blue in the face and the person not budge on their stance? The main reason for this is because it is not their time, it's not part of their blueprint. They have pre-written that they will not accept it until such and such time, even if Jesus Himself appeared to that person, they simply won't budge... because it is not their time and nothing anyone says or does will change that until it is meant to be.

In viewing this idea of a blueprint, does it not make perfect sense then that sometimes we simply cannot manifest the things we may sometimes try with all our might to manifest? Because maybe it just wasn't in our blue print to happen that way? Take for instance someone who has struggled financially their entire lives and they come across the information and all of the tools necessary to be able to manifest anything their hearts desire... now lets say that person masters the art of manifesting on various levels but for some reason they just can't hit the lotto or mega bucks... one could easily understand the reason for this by understanding that maybe it just wasn't written in their blueprint to happen this way. There is always a deeper reason behind things that we can't seem to grasp or create and we must understand that sometimes it's just not meant to happen in the way we think it will.

In creating our blueprints for this life, it is even more complicated than us just sitting down and deciding for ourselves what we want to experience. We must consult with others and make individual agreements with each and every soul and plan out the when's and where's things are to take place. Once all of our agreements are made we go before the Council (in Heaven) and they review the details of our plans. They may suggest changes or discuss that maybe what we have decided to go through is far more painful than what they believe we can handle and do their best to change our minds; maybe trying to convince us to not go through so much in just one life. We may argue our case and stand firm, stating "I can handle it and this is what I want so that I can advance more, faster" and then later while we're here wonder "what in the world was I thinking!?"

Have you ever met someone that you felt you knew before this time? That your meeting them was your destiny? That's part of the soul recognition that we decided we would feel so that when the time came, we would go through whatever experience it was we were meant to have with that particular person. Now maybe that person seemed like your soul mate at first, you feel so close that you feel "this is it!" only to later encounter abuse or torture in some way; wondering later "why in the world things seemed so right and turned out so wrong?" Think of it this way, did you not have to learn an enormous amount from that situation, learn to stand tall in spite of the struggles? Did you not have to learn to be strong, to rise above adversity, learn to forgive and more? Although some of the situations and people in our lives seemed like a horrible experience when we look back, was it not because of those same situations that helped us become the person we are today? Sometimes it's exactly what we needed to give us a 'push' in the direction we were meant to go... take for instance a young woman who has had a happy and carefree life and one day maybe she is raped or beat up by a boyfriend. Maybe after everything she has gone through in the struggles towards her recovery she becomes a therapist who helps hundreds of people in her practice and maybe later writing a book that helps thousands. One could easily understand that she was meant to experience that situation in order to get her set on the path to help others.

Let's take for instance the true story of the girl that they based the movie Soul Surfer on; she was living a wonderful life with a loving family and well on her way to making it big in the surfing world. One day while surfing a shark bites her arm off and through everything, she rises above it all and becomes an inspiration to countless men, women and children who were handicapped, helping them realize that they can still do almost anything they set their minds to and in some cases, helped them live a more fulfilling life. Had she not gone through everything she went through, who would have helped those with handicaps learn to rise above and still continue to dream? Maybe someone else would have agreed, but the point is that it was her... she made a sacrifice (a decision she made in advance) to help others.

Now I know some people reading this may think "well what's the point then, if everything is all planned out, why do I have to do anything at all?" In order to get from point A to point B we must act, we must move... we must face the encounters set out for us so that when we return to Heaven we have accomplished the things we set out to accomplish for advancement on the soul level. Do you think that Ghandi or Mother Teresa were just born into being enlightened and transcended? More than likely, no. They too encountered struggles and adversity, whether it was in the lives we know of or others, before they became who we know them to be.

In understanding that we each have a destiny to fulfill, life may become a little less confusing to us. When we look at the grand scheme of things in this way, it may help us understand that everything isn't as hard as we may think it is at the time we are facing struggles and that this too shall pass. In doing our best to manifest what it is we desire with every ounce of our being, we must continue to dream, to have faith and hope that if it is meant to be, it will be. There are times we may become inspired to manifest something, because we are meant to manifest it. Then there are times in our attempts at manifesting something that we may feel as though we are trying to make the impossible possible. There's a saying that goes "Nothing is impossible, for the word itself says I'm Possible" while I believe this to be true as well as "thoughts become things" and my favorite "To think is to create" we must also remember that if we have a desire to do something, we must act on it (unless it causes pain to others or is against our morals and values - I'm not saying go out and cheat on your spouse because you have an urge) what I'm saying is if you have a desire to manifest that someday you become something great, someone great, then go for it! The worst thing that can happen is that you try your hardest and learn from the experience. Maybe by trying to create one thing you suddenly become inspired to do something completely different and you become a success at that... whatever it is, if you are inspired to do it, then I say go for it! You may surprise yourself and manifest something amazing. You may make all your dreams come true and look back and think "Wow, I did it!" The point is that we must never accept defeat or failures as that, we must look at everything as a learning experience, an opportunity to become someone more loving, more compassionate, more understanding, more forgiving and / or an inspiration to others.

We may have written our blueprints in advance but the great part of it is that most of us don't know what our blueprints contain. Some may seek the advice of someone who can access your Akashic records, where they can view what it is you have pre-written, but you must be careful there. I have heard of some people that are able to access our records but aren't as good at it as they claim to be and sometimes make things up to appease us, while others are very good at it and may give us completely accurate information. In anything we encounter, whether it be Tarot cards or Akashic records, we must learn to use our instincts and best judgment, not hearing what it is we want but understanding when the truth is being told. We ourselves have the ability to view our own records, but it takes a great deal of meditation and prayer and can be learned. In order to read someone's Akashic records one must have our permission to do so otherwise they cannot access it, so have no fear of someone accessing your records as they can't do so unless you request it and grant your permission.

As far as manifesting, it really is not that complicated and we have been doing it long before we realized there was such a thing. In order to manifest, plain and simple we must focus on what it is we really want, believe it is ours and trust that it will come to us, without an ounce of doubt. We must have full faith that it is ours and meant to be ours... as Bob Proctor puts it: the moment we doubt it, may be the very moment it was coming into form and by doubting it we basically make it 'go away'. So again, be careful of what you focus on, for you just may get it. Personally, I leave it up to God. I let Him know what it is I want and believe that if I am meant to have it, it will happen in His time, not mine. I believe that if God has intended me to have something, if it is written in my blueprint, then it will be mine. In trying to manifest something that may not be in our blueprints, it can be quite frustrating and sometimes disappointing. In fact I believe that the key ingridient missing from all of the books and videos made on the subject is God. For how can we possibly manifest anything if God did not intend it to be so?

If our blueprints don't include us hitting the lotto or mega bucks or becoming rich and famous over night, then what are we doing? I believe that if it is a calling from deep within, something we have a burning desire for and feel that we are meant to have, then by all means, manifest to your hearts content... but if it's meant to be, do we really need to work so hard on manifesting it? I say no... if it's meant to be, it will be. If we're meant to manifest something, then it will come easily and we won't have to struggle trying to create something, it'll come when it's meant to as long as we keep working towards our dreams. In order to create anything, we must be active in making that dream a reality. We must take the necessary steps to achieve... if you continually try to manifest hitting the lotto, then wouldn't you need to buy a ticket? If you want to win a race, wouldn't you need to train and enter the race? Of course you would... if you dream of finding your soul mate, wouldn't you need to go out into the world and not sit on your couch day in and day out? Of course! So get out there and make your dreams a reality! Enjoy life and be kind to others... love, trust and have faith! We all have a purpose, a destiny to fulfill, so get out there and make it happen! Dream big and reach for the stars, you just may catch one!

Love & Light,

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