Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Angels, the good ones, the Fallen ones and more!

Angels have been around since the beginning of time and show up repeatedly not only in the Bible but in many books where the authors have opened up and shared their deepest secrets to let everyone know, yes, Angels are real and they are all around us. We are born with a Guardian Angel who will be with us from the time we enter the world until after we depart it, they'll be escorting us on our way home to Heaven. We are also born with a Spirit Guide who is also with us every step of the way. And we are also born with a not so good Angel... just like you see in the cartoons, a little Angel on one side wearing white and a little devil on the other wearing red! Maybe the little devil with us isn't wearing red, but it's there. The more we do good deeds and listen to our good Angels, the less we hear or are bothered by the dark one, don't get me wrong though, they are still around and trying to tempt us to do bad things every chance they get.

Angels come in all shapes and sizes and there are also Angels that are incarnated into the human form, living a life as a human just like the rest of us. Some of those Angels are good and some are what is called Fallen Angels. There are different levels of awareness with incarnated Angels as well. I heard of a woman that has gone her entire life, well into her forties without knowing she is an Angel. She saw orbs of light around her all the time but was scared of them, thinking they were ghosts when in fact those were Angels. When your third eye isn't completely open or if your mind is closed to seeing / believing in such things, then one typically doesn't see them at all or if they do, they may appear as little orbs of light of various colors. Imagine a bubble like the ones we used to blow as kids, about the size of a baseball or almost as big as a basketball, those are Angels. I've seen dark entities too and those appear as a dark shadow, moving quickly like a whisp of air. I definitely like seeing the good ones more than the dark ones that's for sure!

Elizabeth Clair Prophet has written some amazing books on the subject going into great detail about Fallen Angels and those that they corrupt, explaining their fall from Grace and the horrible deeds they're up to on earth. I highly recommend her books, she wrote two (that I know of) on the subject of Fallen Angels, one being Fallen Angels Among Us What You Need to Know and the other being Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil. Her books are not that easy to find so if your local book store doesn't carry them I highly recommend ordering them online. They are a must read if you are interested in learning more. One main point that I'd like to make is that we should not fear Fallen Angels, seek them out or even try to figure out who in our lives are Fallen Angels or corrupted by them. No, our mission here on earth aside from our own personal missions, is to love everyone and fear nothing except God. For as evil as they are, if we are not meant to be hurt by them we won't be. If we believe in God and worship only Him, then we only need to ask for His protection and BELIEVE that He will protect us. There's a saying that basically says, if you give something to God then let it go and don't worry about it anymore, if you gave it to Him then why take it back?

There are also some really good prayers in the back of  Prophet's books, so if you are in fear then I highly recommend you pick up a copy. I prefer the hard copy of books, call me old fashioned but, when I want to read a prayer I pull out my hard copy! You can also ask your Guardian Angel for help in saying a prayer for protection and they will help you find the words needed to ask God for protection. As for the good Angels that have not fallen well, they're everywhere! You only need to say their name and whoosh they're there! I have a deck of cards by Doreen Virtue called Archangel Michael Oracle cards and they are awesome! I simply pull out the deck, call out to Archangel Michael and I can feel him at my side. I ask him questions and the answers that I'm meant to see come out in the cards.

Doreen also has many other decks featuring other wonderful Angels, like Archangel Raphael who is best known for his healing abilities. Michael is great for protection and guidance. Personally if I'm curious about a particular Angel and not sure who to call on, I usually just google Archangel's and there's a plethora of sites with information. There's also some great youtube videos that help with everything from opening your third eye to contacting Angels and communicating with your Spirit Guides. A great book by Doreen Virtue is The Lightworkers Way, where she speaks in depth of her life and her Angel's being by her side since she was a child. It was the first book I read on the subject and still one of my favorites. She also explains how we can heal ourselves and others with light, intention and asking God of course. All healing comes by the hand of God, we are simply a vessel.

Our Angels are here to help us, guide us and protect us the best they can. They cannot interfere unless we ask them to and if they can they will. There are some things that we're meant to experience so if that's the case, they cannot interfere. If it's against our free will, they can't interfere. We must invite them into our lives, ask for their help and pray to God for assistance, guidance and help with whatever the situation is so that He will instruct them. If it's a lesson we must learn, then we must realize that we were meant to experience it and they could not interfere.

There are also ways in which we can protect ourselves with light, whether its from Fallen Angels or dark entities or even just going out in public... have you ever had a friend that seems to drain your energy when you're around them? I have one, he's a wonderful person and he doesn't do it on purpose and he's even aware of it happening! Many people fall asleep at his house and were fully energized when initially walking through the door! White is a very protecting color and all you have to do is imagine / picture white bubbles all around you, protecting you. You can say a little poem to help you picture them and keep there without you're having to continually place them there! Angels of course can enter but nothing dark can. I've found that placing bubbles around myself while visiting with my friend helps tremendously and have been able to retain my energy in his presence. Pink bubbles are great for love, to help ensure that only loving thoughts and things can come near you and green is used for healing. I sometimes will place layers of different colored bubbles all around myself or use an opal type of bubble that is multi-colored so I don't have to worry about several layers of bubbles. Meditation and prayer can do amazing things for you... I recommend meditating on your Chakras to help in balancing yourself and aiding in many areas of your life.

To some, who don't believe in spiritualism, God, Angels or otherwise, this all may sound crazy and think that I'm nuts! Especially for posting this on a public blog! Lol, I know how it must sound but quite frankly, it works. More and more people nowadays are becoming more spiritual and aware that far more exists than what 'we' knew about hundreds of years ago. Some of these things were known but were kept somewhat secret for fear of being ridiculed or named a witch and burned at the stake. Thank God times are changing and upon further research you'll see that what I say is true, it's not only in the Bible but it's in books, movies, and more. If you google '11:11 the awakening code' you'll see many videos and websites explaining in great detail that the time is here for people to wake up to spiritualism, people are coming into amazing 'powers', realizing that God is in fact real and He is in us all. A piece of Him resides in our heart and when we ask / invite Him to come into our lives and hearts you will feel a difference, His presence and more. I know a lot of people that were not spiritual and yet when a loved one was hurt or had a bad mindgrain, they instinctually placed their hands on them and healed them, without ever knowing they could before.

So before you place judgment, call me names or shrug it off, I suggest you do some research, watch some videos and read some books... you'll be absolutely amazed if you try some of these things only to find they work. The key however, is believing and having faith. With just a tiny bit of faith, miracles can and do happen. You can also ask your Angels for a sign, whether it's a tap on the shoulder, a pinch, poke or something else, they can and do let their presence be known if you ask them for a sign. Just like prayers, the more specific you are the better the results. I don't recommend you ask for something crazy like a million dollars to prove they're there, for that's just being materialistic and selfish! I recommend asking them to tap you somewhere specific or ask for them to show themselves or speak to you loud and clear so that you can clearly hear and understand them. I've heard it described this way before: our Angels are here to help us and do so happily and usually without thanks or recognition, they would be absolutely thrilled to hear us speak directly to them, to thank them and let them know that we know they're there. The more we invite our Angels into our lives and ask them for assistance, the more they can and will assist. I always make sure to thank God for sending His Angels to assist us and making sure we all get the best guidance possible so that we can best serve Him.

Love & Light,


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