Monday, November 10, 2014


In tarot, the moon card is famously known as the card of illusions... when the moon is drawn you are being warned that someone or something may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes or are being deceitful, trying to trick you or cause you to believe something that is not true. It can also represent a change may not be what it seems to be.

With all that the government has been doing for even just the past ten years, if one who is set on uncovering the truth behind what they are doing - it would not be very difficult to move past the illusions and see what's really happening. I have found that with simply shutting off the tv, quieting my mind and asking my subconscious questions, the answers and more arise. When I watch videos about what's happening behind and in front of the scenes I find myself thinking "I'm not surprised" and the truth of the information in the vids resonate within... I know instinctually if it's not true vs. what is and again more questions arise. (If you don't already trust and use your instincts, I highly recommend it!! It's like having a personal lie detector test with you wherever you go!!) :) 

I know I'm not the only one, for there are now even groups such as anonymous, and individuals who are working to bring awareness and the truth to light... but what I wonder the most is "when and how are enough of us going to be able to make a change and save ourselves before it's too late?" Will you believe when they are beating down your door, telling you to get on the truck? Will you believe when they implant a microchip in you? Will you believe when you have a gun to your head and are in the firing line? I've been wondering if fleeing the country will even be enough, for they are working on the grandest scale, placing those of their own in positions of power everywhere...

I am not afraid to die, never have been.... but I am worried that not everyone will be or can be saved. Those who aren't already preparing for the inevitable to come, what shall happen to them and if they do escape how will they survive? I sometimes feel so powerful and other times I feel so vulnerable... in knowing what's to come if we don't stop it, I fear for the children of the world, for the earth itself and all of the dreams and destinies that might remain unfulfilled...

There is a great illusion that has been cast upon our world... if one were to simply do some research they may find themselves gripped by fear and devastation of the truth. I'm here to tell you, fear is not going to help you, it will only serve them. They want us to fear them, that is the power they hold over us. We were not born to live in fear of anything except the final judgment. We were created for a reason and a purpose... and the only way we're going to make it is by banding together - we are billions and they are thousands. We have the power of God coursing through our veins and the eternal soul - together, we are the world.

Please, help your loved ones, help your brethren and let's find a way to take back our world, before the illusion becomes reality.

Love & light,


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