Sunday, September 30, 2012

What's the 411 on Magic, Sorcery, Witch craft and black magic??? Is it real??

I have learned that every idea, every invention and inspirational thoughts we have are actually remembered events that have happened in the past and were already created in Heaven... that they actually come from God (and our higher selves) and are remembered from our time in Lemuria and Atlantis. When the Angels fell from Heaven, the fallen angels actually taught many things that were never known to man and some things we were not supposed to do, such as merging the cells of animals and man to create such beasts as the mythical creatures that we only thought existed in fairy tales such as those that are half man and half horse. Those creatures were actually one of the reasons that God destroyed Lemuria and Atlantis, because those creatures were against God's will.  

Many, many centuries ago most of us actually (if not all) had the abilities to manifest, heal, levitate, and much more such as moving objects with our minds and bending objects to our will. It was actually something that did not seem like such a 'crazy' or 'out there' thing to be able to do as most people had these abilities. How do you think the pyramids were made? Some say by aliens, but in reality we had abilities that nowadays seem impossible to most people and seem unable to grasp that it could be true.
If you've ever seen the movie The Secret, then that may help you to understand that over the decades, many of our natural born talents have been 'drummed' out of our minds and scope of reality... if you ask me it's mostly because the fallen angels and corrupted ones don't want us to have such an 'easy' life, they want to keep us in the dark, keep us believing life is supposed to be so hard and that we basically have to 'work' for everything we want and sometimes still not be able to obtain our hearts desires. When in reality, we are supposed to be able to see Angels (with the use of our 3rd eye), we're supposed to be able to manifest most of what we really want and we're not supposed to live our lives with diseases, we're supposed to be able to heal ourselves and as it states in the Bible, live for hundreds of years!!
Why would the fallen and corrupt ones want us to live life in the dark, you ask? In my opinion it's because they want us to turn from God, to make deals with the devil in order to have what we want and may lead some to believe that if we want to live a life filled with greatness, we must either make a deal or work ourselves to death in an honest attempt to get the necessities, let alone our biggest dreams come true. They want us to be in fear and be able to be controlled by our government, if we realized how very powerful we really are, they would be nearly powerless over us.
Ever wonder why it says in the Bible 'trust in the Lord and He will provide all that we need...' When we open ourselves to God, REALLY open up to Him and ask for our abilities to be able to achieve our goals, we will start to see ourselves as an extension of Him, as a part of Him. It says in the Bible that He created us in His image, hence we are also granted with amazing powers to be able to do amazing things. Now if in your heart you are only reaching out to Him for materialistic reasons or because of your ego, and not necessarily to do His work, then you won't be surprised to notice very little difference in your life. But if you want to serve God and do His will, use your God given talents to do good things to help others, then you will be blessed.
Those who are trying their hand at witch craft & / or black magic, may be able to make amazing things happen, but it is the power of our minds that are creating things, not the act of magic or some unseen force. Many may disagree, however if you understand that our minds are very powerful and we have the ability to make things happen by our intentions, then one really would understand that a spell is just a tool to make your intentions clear. A prayer can actually work the same as a spell, but without the need of a bunch of ingredients or tools. By simply wanting something with all your might, you can create. God gave us the ability to manifest and create, therefore the true power behind any spell is us, you or me. Hence the expression 'be careful what you wish for' which is as old as time itself, because it's true... what you focus on with great energy is created.
To clarify, let's say you want to have the ability to heal but don't believe in God... I've met some people that want to heal their spouse or a family member but don't know where to begin. Maybe it's in their blueprint that they are to be able to heal but not yet believe in God. If you ask me, then the sheer act of being able to heal becoming true for them, may actually lead them to believe in God and open themselves up to the path He has created for them. Or maybe they can't heal and by wanting to be able to heal someone so much, they may finally break down and pray and open themselves up to God and by doing so, may be shown that the only way to truly heal a person is by asking God to use them as a vessel in order that God may heal them...
Let's say you want to be able to levitate, maybe you don't realize it's possible but want to try (it is possible though!) In meditating and focusing, let's say you levitate... would that not lead you to realize that there is something greater than us in the universe and help you to realize that God exists and is real? Or maybe by levitating you realize that you have an amazing mind that must have come from God, otherwise how would you be able to levitate? It was said by many nuns that when Mother Teresa used to pray, she levitated really high and the nuns would have to 'stand-by' to pull her back down. Is that magic or simply her divine connection to God that made her levitate? If you ask me, it's because she was so close to God and prayed so hard, that she became light as a feather... and was literally 'close to God.'
Have you ever wished anything bad to happen to someone, and it did? I've seen others be so mean to people and wish bad things on others, that Karma bit them in the hiny so hard that their lives were completely turned upside down. So as far as black magic goes or the evil committed by fallen angels and corrupt ones, we don't need to wish bad on others for all will come back to them, in due time. If you wish bad on someone because they did something bad to you, whether in this lifetime or in others gone by, be careful because it will not only cancel out the Karma they would have faced but it will actually cause more harm to you, for wishing bad on them. Black magic is a very dangerous thing if you ask me, for everything we do comes back to us ten-fold... it's better to forgive and forget than to harbor any ill will.

I have heard that when the end of the world does come, the times of Armageddon and Revelations that the government will be imprisoning us and those that are not captured will not have access to any food or hospitals... that there will be some people here on earth that will remain simply to help others by manifesting food as God did in the Bible (with one fish he fed an entire village). And some will be healers, able to heal the wounded. Some will be here to help others find God and be saved, some will help protect us and lead the way to safety, to Heaven. It has also been noted all over the Internet that many are coming into their powers during these last few years and the ones to come... many are awakening to their divine birth right and realizing that they were given powers to heal, manifest and more. Why else would these things be happening if not to fulfill these prophecies, that someday we will need healers that can heal with the power of their minds?
Call it Sorcery, magic or witch craft, but I call it powers from the divine... from God. These blessings are being given to many because some day, we will need them. Many are not coming forward or letting others know about their talents for fear of what could happen to them, but there are many that have had these abilities and many more that are just now realizing they have them. We have a higher purpose than we may realize now, but thank God people are waking up and acknowledging their talents, practicing and honing their skills; for it is these very people that may help save our lives some day in the not so distant future.
My best advice to those who want to learn more, who want to do more and want to 'wake up' to their talents and powers, is to pray... pray some more and meditate. In meditation we open ourselves up to hear, see and understand. In prayer we connect with God and our Angels and are given clear instructions on what it is we must do in order to receive our gifts from above. Another great thing to do, is to meditate on our chakras... center them, align them and cleanse them so that when your powers do start to grow, you are better able to accept them, to understand them and control them. I don't recommend black magic or otherwise, for that is just a long journey not leading to anywhere with real meaning and can get you into trouble with the universe... when you pray and meditate you cut through the riff-raff and get right to the nitty-gritty. Through prayer and meditation you open yourself up to God and to being able to understand your true purpose on earth... when you pray and ask God to show you things, you will either have a vision immediately or he'll come to you in your dreams and show you the answer to what it is you asked. I recommend asking Him to make it simple enough for you to clearly understand, otherwise you may get some cryptic message that takes time to decipher!

Good luck & God Bless!!
Love & Light,
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